M 105 Furnace Cabin



We are creating the perfect operating environment for your preheating furnaces. Thanks to the M-105 with an INOX “A304 Cr/Ni “ stainless steel worktop we are arranging the optimal working environment without any fume, smell or heat radiation. Due to the heat-resistant engine, all harmful gases are eliminated by subsequently blown out of your laboratory. By using the digital control panel an easy and user-friendly control of suction power, internal cabin lighting and weekly programming options are guaranteed. The M-105 offers three specific dimensions.
Technical Details:

  • INOX “A304 Cr/Ni “ stainless steel working surface on 1,20 mm strong main body
  • Phosphate coated base before further powder paint coating
  • The internal cabin wiring is grounded, with 3 x 1,5 mm2 diameter SIHO-S5
  • (-60 °C / + 250 °C) cable and heat resistant
  • Suitable sockets within the cabin
  • Internal Lighting System
  • Suction Capacity: 1580 m3/h
  • The cabin is operated via the digital screen on the front panel by which a full control and observation of all essential functions such as weekly programming, internal lighting, suction power, are possible
  • Parallel lift-up metal lid
  • Choose between an open stand or a complete storage cabinet system on the lower half.
  • 220/230 V 50-60 Hz


  • M-105/A : 65 x 80 x 211 cm (h)
  • M-105/B : 65 x 120 x 211 cm (h)
  • M-105/C : 65 x 160 x 211 cm (h)