C-10 Automatic Wax Melting Device (Boil Out Unit)



The C-10 Automatic Wax Melting Device is encased in an “A304 Cr/Ni” stainless steel construction, which is completely mobile due to its swivel castor wheels. It provides a more efficient operation flow with a capacity for 12 flasks and the option to use the spray head manually at every end of a boil-out sequence. Daily and weekly programs ensure a time and energy saving working. The automatic wax discharge system will lead to an overall clean work environment. In addition to the audible and visual warning systems, it is extra safe with an electronic water level indicator and top cover sensors.
Technical Details:

  • Completely Encased in an INOX “A304 Cr/Ni” stainless steel construction
  • 3000W Immersion heater unit is used for heating
  • Device owns an automatic water intake and water discharge
  • The device operates within a closed water circulation system
  • The adjustable spray head is used for the final work stage
  • Spray intensity can be regulated
  • 55 L water tank capacity
  • Suitable to fit in 12 flasks in one sequence
  • The device is suitable to boil-out any wax content within the flasks and can be also cleaned manually after boil-out operation finished via spray head
  • Water level indicator sensors will trigger when the water levels in the tank are too high or insufficient
  • Immersion heater unit protection system takes effect in case of insufficient water levels
  • Will stop any operation automatically when lids are open
  • Audible and visual warning systems
  • All functions can be controlled via the LCD control panel
  • 220/230 V 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 62 x 65 x 93 cm (h)