28- Device Trolley-T3



Product Code: MG-MAR-3

Description: Wheeled mobile systems are used in patient services. 4 ball bearing casters and two with locking break Protection side wheel protects the trolley from friction, crashes and lateral damages. Side wheel ensures the movement of trolley. All sharp edges are protected with radiused plastic.
Standard Item’s Technical Specifications
Product Code : MG-MAR-3
Product Name : Device Trolley-T3
1x Monitor Shelf 1 x Monitor Shelf with Drawer 1x Instrument Basket 4x Electrical Sockets 4x Earthing Node 1x Stainless Steel Rail
Raw Material : Aluminum Extrusion Main Poles Aluminum Top Table
Packaging Type : Wrapped Package
Package Sizes : 70x65x107 cm
Product Weight : 36 Kg
Origin: Turkey