Medical Vacuum Plant Elit Model




Medical Vacuum Plant provides medical vacuum gas which meets hospital needs. Medical Vacuum Plant is a centralized plant to Supply medical vacuum which is necessary in ICUs and Operation Rooms or other places where vacuum is needed.
The plant composed of Vacuum Pumps, Automatic control panel, Reserve Tank, Bacterium filter and Waste bottle. The number of vacuum pumps can be 2 or 3 pcs depending on customer requirements.
Technical Specifications:
Product Code : MG-VSEx-y x:40,70,100,150,250,… y:2,3…
Product Name : Medical Vacuum Plant Elit Model
Number of Pumps : Min. 2
Pump Capacity : 40,70,100,175,250,… m3/h
Control Panel : Operating (Pump) hour equalization by PLC
Tank Capacity : 500,1000,1500,2000…L (According to project and the capacity of plant)
Operating Temp. :(+10) – (+45) C°
Power Supply : 3Ø, 380VAC, 50 Hz
Collecting Jar :1 Pcs with By-Pass System
Filter Group : 2x Vacuum Bacteria Filters with By-Pass System
Package Sizes : 88x118x140cm (For MG-VS70-2) & Tank
Product Weight : Main Unit 280 Kg. (For MG-VS70-2) & Tank