Distribution and Emergency Supply Unit



Product Code: MG-xDAB


Areas of use:

Distribution and emergency supply unit; provides
controlling each line separately. There is an emergency Supply point
on the unit for emergency situations
Technical Specifications:
Product Code : MG-xDAB “x:O (Oxygen), A (N2O), SA (Pure
Nitrogen),AR (Argon), KG (Mixed Gas) ,K (Carbon dioxide ), HD
(Hydrogen), H (Dry Air), HE (Helium), AT (Acetylene), EO (ethylene
oxide) ”
Product Name : Distribution and Emergency Supply Unit
Valve Diameter : 1/2’’ to 2’’
Number of Valves : 1 x input, … x Output (according to project)
Packaging Type : Carton Box
Package Sizes : 50 x 35 x 10 cm
Product Weight : 3, 8 Kg