S BOX Enclosed Technician Work Table


Technicial Specifications:
S-Box Enclosed Technician Work Table is specially designed for plaster, porcelain and metal leveling processes in a healthier and cleaner environment. The S-Box absorbs dust and particles in a special teflon filter dust collection chamber, supporting the enclosed working area with a bidirectional suction system. Thanks to the brushless vacuum motor, the S-Box Enclosed Technician Table operates with longer life, quiet and full efficiency without heating. It controls the pressure adjustable air system with the foot pedal and allows you to work without leaving your job.

Technicial Specifications:
Enclosed Technician Work Table

Compact Top Bench
Closed Working Chamber Designed from 8 mm Plexiglass Material
2 x 18 W Waterproof Fluorescent Lighting
0.80 kW Coalless Blower Motor Vacuum System
Bidirectional Suction System
Teflon Fi Filtering System with transmittance of 0.10 microns
25 lt Dust Container
Foot Pedal Controlled Pressure Adjustable Air System
2 Ashtray Drawers
Dimensions: 64 x 86 x 126 cm (h)