10- Pendant Column Trolley


Product Code: MG-SMK


Description :
Four ball bearing wheeled (with 2 locking break) trolley which are used for intervention to the parients in the places where the accessing is limited. Protection side wheel protects the trolley from friction, crashes and lateral damages. Side wheel ensures the movement of trolley. All sharp edges are protected with radiused plastic. The main body is 340 ° swivel for ease of use. In the side surfaces there are NIST connection inlets for gas outlets and 3-pin electric sockets for electricity supply.
Technical Specifications :
Product Code : MG-SMK
Product Name : Pendant Column Trolley
Electricity : 220 VAC, 50 Hz
Gas Outlets : 2x O2 , 2x Vacuum, 2x MA4 Outlets
Electrical Sockets : 8x Earthed sockets, 4 x Earthing Node
Equipped with : 1x IV stand with adjustable height
2x Accessory arm with double joint
1x Accessory rail
2x Monitor shelf
1x Monitor shelf with drawer
Package type : Wrapped Package
Package size : 90x70x187 cm
Weight : 80 Kg