33- Ambulance Kit


Product Code: MG-ASET

Description: The Systems provides vacuum and oxygen gas that needed by patient in an ambulance.
Standard Item’s Technical Specifications
Product Code : MG-ASET
Product Name : Ambulance Kit
1x O2 Gas Outlet
1x Vacuum Gas Outlet
1x MG-FLSR-PRx Flowmeter Rail Type
1x MG-FLOT-T Cylinder Connected
Turbo vacuum Regulator
1x MG-VK1-R 1 L Vacuum Bottle Rail Type
1x MG-SK Catheter Bowl
1x MG-OR2M High Pressure O2 Regulator
1x Gas Module 2 Gases
1x Stainless Steel Accessories Rail
Raw Material : Stainless Steel Rails
Packaging Type : Wrapped Package
Package Sizes : 51x7x12 cm & 62x6x25 cm
Product Weight : 4,5 Kg
Origin: Turkey