31- Central System Gas Probes



Product Code: MG-PRxB-y

Description: Providing the connection between gas outlets and medical devices without regulation.
Technical Specifications:
Product Code : MG-PRxB-y “x:O (Oxygen), A (N2O), SA (Pure Nitrogen), AR (Argon), KG (Mixed Gas), K (CO2), HD (Hydrogen ), H (Dry air) HE (Helium), AT (Acetylene), H4 (M.Air 4 Bar), H7 (M.Air 7 Bar)’’ ‘’ y: B(BS), D(DIN), F(AF-NOR) OM (Ohmeda)”
Product Name : Central System Gas Probes
Packing Type : Carton Box
Package Sizes : 3x13x5cm
Product Weight : 205gr