C-11 Polimerizasyon Cihazı



The C-11 Polymerisation Device is encased in an “A304 Cr/Ni” stainless steel construction, which makes this device to a compact but yet very effective unit with a wide range of special engineered features, which will ensure maximum performance with minimum space requirements. The digital control panel gives access to all function such as the temperature, timer, and memory settings. The hold setting for your water temperature will aim for a faster workflow,when in operation. Audible and visual signals will guarantee an allover and easy control of your work.

Technical Details:

  • Completely Encased in an INOX “A304 Cr/Ni” stainless steel construction
  • 3000 W Immersion heater unit is used for heating
  • Device owns an automatic water intake and water discharge
  • Suitable to fit in 18 flasks in one sequence
  • Water level indicator sensors will trigger when the water levels in the tank are too high or insufficient
  • Immersion heater unit protection system takes effect in case of insufficient water levels
  • Audible and visual warning systems
  • Two separate programs for temperature and timer modes
  • All functions can be controlled via the LCD control panel
  • 220/230 V 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 50 x 51 x 52 cm (h)
  • Suitable INOX stand