With our 40 years of experience, we are at your service for hospital construction, installation, production and marketing of medical products.

We know our job and we work very hard in every step to ensure your 100% satisfaction!

About Us

Ematech  and its partners have been operating for more than 40 years on infrastructure, qualified building construction, metalworking, manufacture and marketing of hospital infrastructure products , hospital installation and management.

Ematech  aims to produce better every time by closely following scientific and technological developments with the supply of products to more than 45 countries on 5 continents, 100s of customers and project references.

Ematech  acts with the awareness that building a hospital is an art and that the work done is about human life and nevertheless, slightest mistake cannot be tolerated in any way.

Ematech  can demonstrate its ability to achieve absolute customer satisfaction with its need-oriented production experience by going beyond the standard when necessary.

Combining your needs, experience, infrastructure, product diversity, it enables us to achieve our common goals by maximizing your satisfaction.









Our fixture products from a to z, which are necessary for qualified buildings espacially for hospitals.

With the concept of “minimum space, maximum efficiency” we will stop the daily disorder. Tailor-made design will be manufactured according to your requests or to the order, you are already used to.

Dental Systems

Medical Gas Management Systems


Why TURKEY for Termal Cures and Wellness

First in EuropeNatural springs have been resources to prevent and treat diseases, reduce stress and improve the quality of life since the antiquity. Today thermal waters are applied throughout treatment procedures at clinics and for preventive care, also for wellness and relaxation at touristic facilities. Turkey’s thermal resources rank 7th in the world and 1st …

What parts of modular clinical systems consist of?

What parts of modular clinical systems consist of? Worktop Laminate Worktop: 30 mm strong post-formed laminated Chipboard, 3 mm PVC edgebanding Glass Worktop: 18 mm strong Tempered Glass formed via thermal process Acrylic Worktop: 30 mm strong antibacterial, %100 Acrylic Solid Surface worktop Frame 0,90 mm thick DKP-Steel Frame Phosphate coated base before further paint …

I want to open a dentistry clinic, where should I start?

Open a Denstistry Clinic Every Project and client is uniqe in their needs and require utmost attention to their individual deatails so in order to achieve the best results. We make it easy for our clients to overcome the desicion process by 3 steps. STEP 1 Analysis In light of our client requirements, the product line is …

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